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#WaxTraxFriday 2021 Anniversaries

by Graham Needham (© 25th December 2020)

#WaxTraxFriday 2021 Important Anniversaries

Releases - 40th | 30th | 25th | 20th Anniversaries

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Wax Trax! Releases - 40th | 30th | 25th | 20th Anniversaries Catalogue Listing

ArtistTitleTypeCatalogue IDDateView
Strike UnderImmediate ActionSingleWAX 0011981view icon
DivineBorn To Be CheapSingleWAX 0021981view icon
MinistryI’m Falling / Cold LifeSingleWAX 0031981view icon
CyberaktifTenebrae VisionAlbumWAX 1181991view icon
Chris ConnellyWhiplash BoychildAlbumWAX 1341991view icon
Doubting ThomasThe InfidelAlbumWAX 1361991view icon
Doubting ThomasFather Don't CrySingleWAX 1381991view icon
Coil(1)Love's Secret DomainAlbumWAX 1431991view icon
Coil(1)The Snow EPSingleWAX 1441991view icon
Front Line AssemblyVirusSingleWAX 147Jan 1991view icon
Revolting CocksBeers, Steers & QueersSingleWAX 1491991view icon
Lead Into GoldLow And SlowSingleWAX 1511991view icon
The K.L.F.Chill OutAlbumWAX 1551991view icon
SkatenigsChemical ImbalanceSingleWAX 1611991view icon
Gods AcreTen Gospel GreatsAlbumWAX 1621991view icon
My Life With The Thrill Kill KultSexplosion!AlbumWAX 1631991view icon
Fred GianelliFredAlbumWAX 1661991view icon
Braindead Sound MachineWalking After MidnightSingleWAX 1731991view icon
Excessive ForceConquer Your HouseSingleWAX 1751991view icon
Excessive ForceConquer Your WorldAlbumWAX 1761991view icon
Various ArtistsPsychic TV Presents Ultrahouse - The L.A. ConnectionAlbumWAX 1791991view icon
My Life With The Thrill Kill KultSexplosion!SingleWAX 1801991view icon
My Life With The Thrill Kill KultSexplosion!SingleWAXPRO 051991view icon
Various ArtistsWax Trax Sampler #2AlbumWAXPRO S21991view icon
Chris And CoseySynaesthesiaSingleWAX 1531 Mar 1991view icon
Chris And CoseyPagan TangoAlbumWAX 1501 Apr 1991view icon
K.M.F.D.M.Split / PiggybankSingleWAX 174Apr 1991view icon
Various ArtistsBeat SamplerAlbumWAX 2371996view icon
Various ArtistsA Red Hot SoundtripAlbumWAX 2381996view icon
B12Time TouristAlbumWAX 2411996view icon
Sister Machine GunBurnSingleWAX 87361996view icon
UnderworldRowla / JuanitaSingleWAX 87371996view icon
Nightmares On WaxDreddOverBoardSingleWAX 87381996view icon
K.M.F.D.M.PowerSingleWAX 87401996view icon
ChainsuckProzacSingleWAX 87421996view icon
Various ArtistsWax Trax! Records - Summer Swindle 1996AlbumWAX 87431996view icon
Various ArtistsOffbeat - The Red Hot RemixesSingleWAX 87441996view icon
UnderworldBorn Slippy.NUXXSingleWAX 87451996view icon
K.M.F.D.M.RulesSingleWAX 87461996view icon
AutechreTri Repetae++AlbumWAX 23916 Mar 1996view icon
UnderworldSecond Toughest In The InfantsAlbumWAX 24019 Mar 1996view icon
K.M.F.D.M.XtortAlbumWAX 24225 Jun 1996view icon
ChainsuckAngel ScoreAlbumWAX 23516 Jul 1996view icon
UnderworldPearl’s GirlSingleWAX 8739Oct 1996view icon
UnderworldPearl’s GirlSingleWAX 874828 Oct 1996view icon

Please note: Catalogue IDs are not necessarily identical to product catalogue numbers. They are used to sort the catalography effectively. Actual catalogue numbers can be found on individual product pages.


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