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Wax Trax! (Label) Catalography

sorted by catalogue ID

ArtistTitleTypeCatalogue IDDateView
Strike UnderImmediate ActionSingleWAX 0011981view icon
DivineBorn To Be CheapSingleWAX 0021981view icon
MinistryI’m Falling / Cold LifeSingleWAX 0031981view icon
Front 242Endless RiddanceSingleWAX 0041983view icon
A Popular History OfLadderjackSingleWAX 0051984view icon
The BlackoutsLost Soul's ClubSingleWAX 0061985view icon
MinistryAll Day / Everyday (Is Halloween)SingleWAX 00730 Oct 1984view icon
Minimal CompactNext One Is RealSingleWAX 0081984view icon
MinistryThe Nature Of LoveSingleWAX 0091985view icon
Front 242No CommentAlbumWAX 0101985view icon
Revolting CocksNo DevotionSingleWAX 0111985view icon
WisebloodMotorslugSingleWAX 0121985view icon
Coil(1)Panic / Tainted LoveSingleWAX 0131985view icon
Front 242Politics Of PressureSingleWAX 0141985view icon
Luc Van AckerLuc Van AckerAlbumWAX 0151986view icon
Front 242InterceptionSingleWAX 0161987view icon
Revolting CocksBig Sexy LandAlbumWAX 0174 Nov 1986view icon
Luc Van AckerHeart And SoulAlbumWAX 0181986view icon
Ministrynot released?Box SetWAX 019
MinistryHalloween (Remix)SingleWAX 0201986view icon
The Young GodsEnvoyé!SingleWAX 0211986view icon
Revolting CocksYou Often ForgetSingleWAX 0221986view icon
Luc Van AckerZannaSingleWAX 0231986view icon
3 Angry PolesMotorcycle ManiacSingleWAX 0241986view icon
Various ArtistsAnimal LiberationAlbumWAX 02521 Apr 1987view icon
Front 242Official VersionAlbumWAX 026Mar 1987view icon
FinitribeI Want MoreSingleWAX 0271987view icon
FinitribeMake It InternalSingleWAX 0281987view icon
LaibachLife Is LifeSingleWAX 029Jul 1987view icon
LaibachOpus DeiAlbumWAX 030Mar 1987view icon
PailheadI Will RefuseSingleWAX 0311987view icon
1000 Homo DJsApathy / Better WaysSingleWAX 0321987view icon
Front 242Back CatalogueAlbumWAX 033Jan 1987view icon
Front 242GeographyAlbumWAX 0341987view icon
MinistryTwelve Inch Singles 1981-1984AlbumWAX 0351987view icon
Front 242MasterhitSingleWAX 0361987view icon
Revolting CocksLive! You Goddamned Son Of A BitchAlbumWAX 037May 1988view icon
Front Line AssemblyCorrosionAlbumWAX 038Feb 1988view icon
My Life With The Thrill Kill KultMy Life With The Thrill Kill KultSingleWAX 0391987view icon
Richard H. Kirk & Peter HopeHoodoo TalkAlbumWAX 040Nov 1987view icon
Front Line AssemblyDisorderAlbumWAX 041May 1988view icon
Revolting CocksStainless Steel ProvidersSingleWAX 0421989view icon
JassTheme W.R.SingleWAX 0431988view icon
Controlled BleedingSongs From The Grinding WallSingleWAX 0441989view icon
<PIG>Never For FunSingleWAX 045May 1988view icon
HulaVC1SingleWAX 046May 1988view icon
PailheadTraitSingleWAX 0471988view icon
Front Line AssemblyConvergenceAlbumWAX 048Sep 1988view icon
K.M.F.D.M.Don't Blow Your TopSingleWAX 0491988view icon
A Split SecondA Split SecondAlbumWAX 0501988view icon
<PIG>A Poke In The Eye… With A Sharp StickAlbumWAX 0511988view icon
K.M.F.D.M.Don't Blow Your TopAlbumWAX 0521988view icon
Front 242HeadhunterSingleWAX 053Oct 1988view icon
Front 242Front By FrontAlbumWAX 054Oct 1988view icon
My Life With The Thrill Kill KultSome Have To Dance… Some Have To KillSingleWAX 0551988view icon
My Life With The Thrill Kill KultI See Good Spirits And I See Bad SpiritsAlbumWAX 0561988view icon
The Young GodsL'AmourirSingleWAX 057Aug 1988view icon
The Genetic TerroristsMachine GunSingleWAX 0581988view icon
Lead Into GoldIdiotSingleWAX 0591988view icon
Front Line AssemblyDigital Tension DementiaSingleWAX 060Nov 1988view icon
A Split SecondMambo WitchSingleWAX 061Oct 1988view icon
A Split Second…From The InsideAlbumWAX 0621988view icon
Revolting CocksBeers, Steers + QueersAlbumWAX 063May 1990view icon
In The NurseryKödaAlbumWAX 0641988view icon
Meat Beat ManifestoGod O.D.SingleWAX 065Nov 1988view icon
Meat Beat ManifestoStorm The StudioAlbumWAX 0661989view icon
Perennial DivideLeathernecksSingleWAX 0671988view icon
Clock DVAThe HackerSingleWAX 068Dec 1988view icon
Greater Than OneLondonAlbumWAX 0691989view icon
Front 242Never Stop!SingleWAX 070Mar 1989view icon
Clock DVAThe ActSingleWAX 071Mar 1989view icon
SuicideA Way Of LifeAlbumWAX 0721988view icon
P.T.P.Rubber Glove SeductionSingleWAX 0731989view icon
The Genetic TerroristsRevoSingleWAX 0741989view icon
Front Line AssemblyGashed Senses & CrossfireAlbumWAX 075Apr 1989view icon
A Split SecondThe Colosseum CrashSingleWAX 076Apr 1989view icon
K.M.F.D.M.More And FasterSingleWAX 0771988view icon
Greater Than OneI Don't Need GodSingleWAX 0781989view icon
LaibachDie LiebeSingleWAX 0791989view icon
not released?WAX 080
Acid HorseNo Name, No SloganSingleWAX 0811989view icon
AjaxMind The GapSingleWAX 0821989view icon
K.M.F.D.M.UAIOEAlbumWAX 083Sep 1989view icon
<PIG>Sick CitySingleWAX 0841989view icon
Pankow(1)Freedom For The SlavesAlbumWAX 0851989view icon
Revolting Cocks(Let's Get) PhysicalSingleWAX 0861989view icon
Front Line AssemblyNo LimitSingleWAX 0871989view icon
My Life With The Thrill Kill KultKooler Than JesusSingleWAX 0881989view icon
My Life With The Thrill Kill KultConfessions Of A KnifeAlbumWAX 0891990view icon
Controlled BleedingTrudgeAlbumWAX 09010 May 1990view icon
Controlled BleedingThe Fodder SongSingleWAX 0911989view icon
Lead Into GoldChicks & Speed: FuturismSingleWAX 0921989view icon
Clock DVAAdvantage [unreleased]AlbumWAX 0931990view icon
Clock DVABuried DreamsAlbumWAX 0941989view icon
Pankow(1)GiselaAlbumWAX 0951989view icon
not released?WAX 096
Cosey Fanni TuttiTime To Tell [unreleased]AlbumWAX 097
Mussolini HeadkickThemes For Violent RetributionAlbumWAX 098Nov 1989view icon
Greater Than OneUtopiaSingleWAX 0991989view icon
Greater Than OneG-ForceAlbumWAX 1001989view icon
Noise UnitGrinding Into EmptinessAlbumWAX 1011989view icon
Noise UnitDeceitSingleWAX 1021989view icon
not released?WAX 103
The Anti GroupBroadcast TestSingleWAX 1041989view icon
Clock DVASound MirrorSingleWAX 1051989view icon
Meat Beat ManifestoArmed Audio WarfareAlbumWAX 106Sep 1990view icon
In The NurseryCounterpointAlbumWAX 1071990view icon
K.M.F.D.M.VirusSingleWAX 1081989view icon
Pankow(1)Show You Their DongsSingleWAX 109Nov 1989view icon
FoetusSinkAlbumWAX 110Oct 1989view icon
FoetusButterfly PotionSingleWAX 11120 Jun 1990view icon
AjaxOne WorldSingleWAX 1121990view icon
AjaxAjaxAlbumWAX 1131990view icon
Joined At The HeadJoined At The HeadSingleWAX 1141990view icon
not released?WAX 115
Lead Into GoldAge Of ReasonAlbumWAX 1161990view icon
CyberaktifTemperSingleWAX 117Aug 1990view icon
CyberaktifTenebrae VisionAlbumWAX 1181991view icon
CyberaktifNothing StaysSingleWAX 1191990view icon
In The NurseryL'EspritAlbumWAX 120May 1990view icon
Chris And CoseyReflectionAlbumWAX 121Feb 1990view icon
Chris And CoseyHeartbeatAlbumWAX 122Nov 1990view icon
Chris And CoseyTranceAlbumWAX 123Nov 1990view icon
Chris And CoseySongs Of Love & LustAlbumWAX 124Nov 1990view icon
Chris And CoseyTechnø PrimitivAlbumWAX 125Nov 1990view icon
The Genetic TerroristsWhite StainsAlbumWAX 12627 Jun 1990view icon
Psychic TVJack The Tab / Tekno Acid BeatAlbumWAX 1271990view icon
Various ArtistsHigh Jack - Politics Of EcstasySingleWAX 1281990view icon
Psychic TVToward Thee Infinite BeatAlbumWAX 1291990view icon
Psychic TVBeyond Thee Infinite BeatAlbumWAX 1301990view icon
In The NurserySesudientSingleWAX 131May 1990view icon
K.M.F.D.M.GodlikeSingleWAX 132Jul 1990view icon
1000 Homo DJsSupernautSingleWAX 1331990view icon
Chris ConnellyWhiplash BoychildAlbumWAX 1341991view icon
The Young GodsThe Young GodsAlbumWAX 1351990view icon
Doubting ThomasThe InfidelAlbumWAX 1361991view icon
Front Line AssemblyIceolateSingleWAX 137Jul 1990view icon
Doubting ThomasFather Don't CrySingleWAX 1381991view icon
K.M.F.D.M.What Do You Know Deutschland?AlbumWAX 1391990view icon
My Life With The Thrill Kill KultA Girl Doesn't Get Killed By A Make-Believe Lover… 'Cuz It's HotSingleWAX 1401990view icon
Chris ConnellyStowawaySingleWAX 1411990view icon
Coil(1)WindowpaneSingleWAX 1421990view icon
Coil(1)Love's Secret DomainAlbumWAX 1431991view icon
Coil(1)The Snow EPSingleWAX 1441991view icon
Front Line AssemblyProvisionSingleWAX 145Sep 1990view icon
Front Line AssemblyCaustic GripAlbumWAX 146Sep 1990view icon
Front Line AssemblyVirusSingleWAX 147Jan 1991view icon
K.M.F.D.M.NaïveAlbumWAX 148Sep 1990view icon
Revolting CocksBeers, Steers & QueersSingleWAX 1491991view icon
Chris And CoseyPagan TangoAlbumWAX 1501 Apr 1991view icon
Lead Into GoldLow And SlowSingleWAX 1511991view icon
not released?WAX 152
Chris And CoseySynaesthesiaSingleWAX 1531 Mar 1991view icon
not released?WAX 154
The K.L.F.Chill OutAlbumWAX 1551991view icon
not released?WAX 156
The K.L.F.What Time Is Love?SingleWAX 1571990view icon
not released?WAX 158
not released?WAX 159
K.M.F.D.M. | My Life With The Thrill Kill KultNaïve / The Days Of Swine And RosesSingleWAX 160Oct 1990view icon
SkatenigsChemical ImbalanceSingleWAX 1611991view icon
Gods AcreTen Gospel GreatsAlbumWAX 1621991view icon
My Life With The Thrill Kill KultSexplosion!AlbumWAX 1631991view icon
Greater Than OneIndexAlbumWAX 1641989view icon
Front Line AssemblyToxic [unreleased]AlbumWAX 165
Fred GianelliFredAlbumWAX 1661991view icon
Braindead Sound MachineI'm In JailSingleWAX 1671990view icon
Braindead Sound MachineCome Down From The Hills…AlbumWAX 1681990view icon
WreckHouse Of BorisSingleWAX 1691990view icon
not released?WAX 170
not released?WAX 171
K.M.F.D.M.MoneySingleWAX 172May 1992view icon
Braindead Sound MachineWalking After MidnightSingleWAX 1731991view icon
K.M.F.D.M.Split / PiggybankSingleWAX 174Apr 1991view icon
Excessive ForceConquer Your HouseSingleWAX 1751991view icon
Excessive ForceConquer Your WorldAlbumWAX 1761991view icon
K.M.F.D.M.MoneyAlbumWAX 177Feb 1992view icon
K.M.F.D.M.VogueSingleWAX 1781992view icon
Various ArtistsPsychic TV Presents Ultrahouse - The L.A. ConnectionAlbumWAX 1791991view icon
My Life With The Thrill Kill KultSexplosion!SingleWAX 1801991view icon
not released?WAX 181
not released?WAX 182
not released?WAX 183
not released?WAX 184
Fred GianelliRosebudSingleWAX 1851992view icon
Sister Machine GunNot My GodSingleWAX 1861992view icon
Sister Machine GunSins Of The FleshAlbumWAX 1871992view icon
Adam & Eve | Homeboy PosseUltrahouse (The Twelve Inch Mixes)SingleWAX 1881992view icon
Chris ConnellyPhenobarb BambalamAlbumWAX 1891992view icon
Chris ConnellyJulySingleWAX 1901992view icon
Sister Machine GunAddictionSingleWAX 1911992view icon
not released?WAX 192
not released?WAX 193
not released?WAX 194
K.M.F.D.M.Help Us - Save Us - Take Us AwaySingleWAX 1951992view icon
PsykosonikSilicon JesusSingleWAX 19619 May 1993view icon
PsykosonikWelcome To My MindSingleWAX 1979 Mar 1993view icon
PsykosonikPsykosonikAlbumWAX 19819 Aug 1993view icon
K.M.F.D.M.NihilAlbumWAX 1994 Apr 1995view icon
not released?WAX 200
Excessive ForceGentle DeathAlbumWAX 2011993view icon
K.M.F.D.M.AngstAlbumWAX 2021993view icon
Various ArtistsArtificial IntelligenceAlbumWAX 2031993view icon
Polygon WindowSurfing On Sine WavesAlbumWAX 20411 Jan 1993view icon
Various ArtistsBlack Dog Productions - BytesAlbumWAX 2051993view icon
B12Electro SomaAlbumWAX 20629 Mar 1993view icon
Various ArtistsArtificial Intelligence IIAlbumWAX 2071994view icon
F.U.S.E.Dimension IntrusionAlbumWAX 20814 Sep 1993view icon
Sister Machine GunThe Torture TechniqueAlbumWAX 20915 Mar 1994view icon
AutechreIncunabulaAlbumWAX 21025 Jan 1994view icon
Various ArtistsEthno-Techno Volume 1AlbumWAX 2111993view icon
Various ArtistsBlackbox WaxTrax! Records: The First 13 YearsBox SetWAX 212Nov 1994view icon
K.M.F.D.M.Naïve Hell To GoAlbumWAX 2131 Mar 1994view icon
Chris ConnellyShipwreckAlbumWAX 2144 Oct 1994view icon
PsykosonikUnlearnAlbumWAX 21524 Oct 1995view icon
Die WarzauEngineAlbumWAX 21614 Feb 1995view icon
UnderworlddubnobasswithmyheadmanAlbumWAX 21726 Jul 1994view icon
Richard H. KirkVirtual StateAlbumWAX 21813 Sep 1994view icon
Kenny LarkinAzimuthAlbumWAX 2198 Feb 1994view icon
Various ArtistsMotionVideoWAX 2201994view icon
Various ArtistsBlack Box (A Video Retrospective) Volume 1VideoWAX 2211994view icon
Various ArtistsBlack Box (A Video Retrospective) Volume 2VideoWAX 2221994
Various ArtistsArtificial Intelligence IIAlbumWAX 2231994view icon
not released?WAX 224
not released?WAX 225
Various ArtistsWax Trax! Records - The First 13 Years - A Limited Edition SamplerAlbumWAX 2261994view icon
Various ArtistsBlackbox WaxTrax! Records: The First 13 YearsBox SetWAX 227Nov 1994view icon
Various ArtistsAfterburnAlbumWAX 2281994view icon
Sister Machine GunBurnAlbumWAX 22917 Oct 1995view icon
AutechreAmberAlbumWAX 23024 Jan 1995view icon
Nightmares On WaxSmoker's DelightAlbumWAX 23117 Oct 1995view icon
Various ArtistsTheory Of EvolutionAlbumWAX 2321995view icon
Richard H. KirkThe Number Of MagicAlbumWAX 23327 Jun 1995view icon
Spirit FeelSpirit FeelAlbumWAX 23429 Aug 1995view icon
ChainsuckAngel ScoreAlbumWAX 23516 Jul 1996view icon
not released?WAX 236
Various ArtistsBeat SamplerAlbumWAX 2371996view icon
Various ArtistsA Red Hot SoundtripAlbumWAX 2381996view icon
AutechreTri Repetae++AlbumWAX 23916 Mar 1996view icon
UnderworldSecond Toughest In The InfantsAlbumWAX 24019 Mar 1996view icon
B12Time TouristAlbumWAX 2411996view icon
K.M.F.D.M.XtortAlbumWAX 24225 Jun 1996view icon
not released?WAX 243
Sister Machine GunMetropolisAlbumWAX 24415 Jul 1997view icon
K.M.F.D.M.SymbolsAlbumWAX 24523 Sep 1997view icon
K.M.F.D.M.Beat By BeatVideoWAX 2461997view icon
CubanateInterferenceAlbumWAX 24721 Apr 1998view icon
not released?WAX 248
not released?WAX 249
<PIG>WreckedAlbumWAX 25016 Sep 1997view icon
Various ArtistsBig Rock'n BeatsAlbumWAX 2511997view icon
Cyber-Tec ProjectDarkerAlbumWAX 25220 Jan 1998view icon
not released?WAX 253
Various ArtistsJuan Atkins Wax Trax! MasterMix - Volume 1AlbumWAX 2541998view icon
Various ArtistsAdam X Wax Trax! MasterMix - Volume 2AlbumWAX 2551999view icon
Various ArtistsSuper DJ Dmitry - Scream Of ConsciousnessAlbumWAX 2562000view icon
not released?WAX 257
K.M.F.D.M.AdiosAlbumWAX 25820 Apr 1999view icon
HednoizeSearching For The EndAlbumWAX 25915 Feb 2000view icon
FrontsideFrontsideAlbumWAX 26016 Feb 1999view icon
FrontsideDümmerungSingleWAX 2611999view icon
FrontsideLBPSingleWAX 2621999view icon
not released?WAX 263
not released?WAX 264
Expansion UnionWorld Wide FunkAlbumWAX 26520 Apr 1999view icon
not released?WAX 266
not released?WAX 267
not released?WAX 268
Expansion UnionWorld Wide FunkSingleWAX 2691999view icon
VNV NationPraise The FallenAlbumWAX 27020 Apr 1999view icon
not released?WAX 271
not released?WAX 272
not released?WAX 273
not released?WAX 274
ChainsuckKindly Stop For MeAlbumWAX 27515 Jun 1999view icon
not released?WAX 276
not released?WAX 277
not released?WAX 278
not released?WAX 279
PillsElectrocaïneAlbumWAX 2804 May 1999view icon
PillsRock MeSingleWAX 2811999view icon
not released?WAX 282
not released?WAX 283
not released?WAX 284
Various ArtistsWax Trax! Records Presents MasterMixAlbumWAX 2851999view icon
not released?WAX 286
not released?WAX 287
not released?WAX 288
not released?WAX 289
PillsMusicsoldiaAlbumWAX 29027 Jun 2000view icon
PillsI Preach To PartySingleWAX 2912000view icon
not released?WAX 292
not released?WAX 293
not released?WAX 294
not released?WAX 295
not released?WAX 296
not released?WAX 297
not released?WAX 298
not released?WAX 299
not released?WAX 300
not released?WAX 301
not released?WAX 302
not released?WAX 303
not released?WAX 304
not released?WAX 305
not released?WAX 306
not released?WAX 307
not released?WAX 308
not released?WAX 309
not released?WAX 310
Super DJ DmitryDon’t Talk Me DownSingleWAX 3117 Nov 2000view icon
Excessive ForceBlitzkriegSingleWAX 86997 Jun 1993view icon
not released?WAX 8700
not released?WAX 8701
not released?WAX 8702
K.M.F.D.M.SucksSingleWAX 870323 Nov 1992view icon
PsychoslapheadPsychoslapheadSingleWAX 870416 Nov 1993view icon
Polygon WindowQuothSingleWAX 87052 Mar 1993view icon
not released?WAX 8706
K.M.F.D.M.A Drug Against WarSingleWAX 870723 Sep 1993view icon
F.U.S.E.Train-TracsSingleWAX 870816 Nov 1993view icon
Sister Machine GunWiredSingleWAX 870925 Jan 1994view icon
Chris Connelly & William TuckerSongs For Swinging JunkiesSingleWAX 87101994view icon
Various ArtistsTracks From Ethnotechno Volume 1SingleWAX 87111994view icon
K.M.F.D.M.LightSingleWAX 87121 Mar 1994view icon
not released?WAX 8713
K.M.F.D.M.VogueSingleWAX 871419 Apr 1994view icon
P.T.P.Rubber Glove SeductionSingleWAX 87151994view icon
Die WarzauLiberatedSingleWAX 87161994view icon
AutechreBasscad EPSingleWAX 87171994view icon
UnderworldRez / CowgirlSingleWAX 87181994view icon
K.M.F.D.M.GlorySingleWAX 87191994view icon
Sister Machine GunNothingSingleWAX 87201994view icon
Chris ConnellyCandyman CollapseSingleWAX 87211994view icon
UnderworldDirty Epic / CowgirlSingleWAX 87221994view icon
K.M.F.D.M. vs PigSin Sex & SalvationSingleWAX 87231 Dec 1994view icon
UnderworldCowgirl RemixesSingleWAX 87241994view icon
UnderworldDirty EpicSingleWAX 87251994view icon
UnderworldVideos 1993-97VideoWAX 87261998view icon
K.M.F.D.M.Juke-Joint JezebelSingleWAX 872730 May 1995view icon
PsykosonikUnlearnSingleWAX 872824 Oct 1995view icon
Die WarzauAll Good GirlsSingleWAX 87291995view icon
K.M.F.D.M.Year Of The PigSingleWAX 87301995view icon
UnderworldBorn SlippySingleWAX 87311995view icon
K.M.F.D.M.Juke-Joint Jezebel (The Giorgio Moroder Mixes)SingleWAX 87321995view icon
K.M.F.D.M.BruteSingleWAX 87331995view icon
Sister Machine GunHole In The GroundSingleWAX 87341995view icon
not released?WAX 8735
Sister Machine GunBurnSingleWAX 87361996view icon
UnderworldRowla / JuanitaSingleWAX 87371996view icon
Nightmares On WaxDreddOverBoardSingleWAX 87381996view icon
UnderworldPearl’s GirlSingleWAX 8739Oct 1996view icon
K.M.F.D.M.PowerSingleWAX 87401996view icon
K.M.F.D.M.RetroAlbumWAX 874117 Nov 1998view icon
ChainsuckProzacSingleWAX 87421996view icon
Various ArtistsWax Trax! Records - Summer Swindle 1996AlbumWAX 87431996view icon
Various ArtistsOffbeat - The Red Hot RemixesSingleWAX 87441996view icon
UnderworldBorn Slippy.NUXXSingleWAX 87451996view icon
K.M.F.D.M.RulesSingleWAX 87461996view icon
ChainsuckEmily SaysSingleWAX 87471997view icon
UnderworldPearl’s GirlSingleWAX 874828 Oct 1996view icon
Juno ReactorGod Is GodSingleWAX 8749Jun 1997view icon
Sister Machine GunThinkSingleWAX 87501997view icon
K.M.F.D.M.MegalomaniacSingleWAX 87511997view icon
K.M.F.D.M.MegalomaniacSingleWAX 87521997view icon
K.M.F.D.M.MDFMKSingleWAX 8753Feb 1998view icon
Expansion UnionPlaying With LightningSingleWAX 87541998view icon
K.M.F.D.M.AnarchySingleWAX 87551997view icon
Cyber-Tec ProjectFoetalSingleWAX 87561998view icon
not released?WAX 8757
CubanateVoidsSingleWAX 87581998view icon
Cubanate9:59SingleWAX 87591998view icon
K.M.F.D.M.AgogoAlbumWAX 876017 Nov 1998view icon
not released?WAX 8761
Various ArtistsWax Trax! & TVT Records Present Master MixAlbumWAX 87621999view icon
Front 242Take One (Live)SingleWAX 917924 Sep 2014view icon
Lead Into GoldLow And SlowSingleWAX 9198Sep 2015view icon
Various ArtistsIndustrial Accident: The Story Of Wax Trax! RecordsAlbumWAX 920113 Apr 2019view icon
Various ArtistsIndustrial Accident: The Story Of Wax Trax! RecordsVideoWAX 920416 Apr 2019view icon
Controlled BleedingTrudgeAlbumWAXPRO 011990view icon
Lead Into GoldFaster Than LightSingleWAXPRO 021990view icon
Various ArtistsHigh JackAlbumWAXPRO 031990view icon
The K.L.F.What Time Is Love?SingleWAXPRO 041990view icon
My Life With The Thrill Kill KultSexplosion!SingleWAXPRO 051991view icon
K.M.F.D.M.Sex On The FlagSingleWAXPRO 061992view icon
Sister Machine GunSins Of The FleshAlbumWAXPRO 071992view icon
Various ArtistsWax Trax SamplerAlbumWAXPRO S11990view icon
Various ArtistsWax Trax Sampler #2AlbumWAXPRO S21991view icon
Various ArtistsWax Trax Video SamplerVideoWAXPRO V11990view icon
Various ArtistsWax Trax Video Sampler #2VideoWAXPRO V21990view icon

Please note: Catalogue IDs are not necessarily identical to product catalogue numbers. They are used to sort the catalography effectively. Actual catalogue numbers can be found on individual product pages.


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