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On This Day - 20th January

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2019 Lustmord - Hobart (Album)
2019 Lustmord - Maschinenfest (Album)
2019 The Heartwood Institute - Aradia - The Home Current Remixes (Single)
2017 The Force Dimension - Sunna (Single)
2017 Mike Oldfield - Return To Ommadawn (Album)
2017 Psychic Force - Welcome To Scarcity (Album)
2017 Vanguard - A Different Story (Single)
2017 Run The Jewels - Run the Jewels 3 (Album)
2017 Test Department - Faces Of Freedom (HeadFuck) (Single)
2017 Go Fight - Pussy (Download)
2017 Go Fight - Pussy (Music Video)
2017 Vitalic featuring David Shaw And The Beat - Waiting For The Stars (Music Video)
2016 Scanner - Venus And Elgar (Album)
2016 Suede - Night Thoughts (Album)
2015 Giorgio Moroder featuring Kylie Minogue - Right Here, Right Now (Single)
2015 The Gothsicles - Nyarlat Hot (Single)
2015 Ramin Djawadi - Dracula Untold - Remixed (Album)
2015 Björk - Vulnicura (Album)
2014 Container - Adhesive (Single)
2012 Lights Of Euphoria - Subjection (Album)
2009 Poison - Poison - Collector's Edition (Box Set)
2004 Front Line Assembly - Civilization (Album)
1998 Ace Frehley - Loaded Deck (Album)
1997 Daft Punk - Homework (Album)
1997 Blur - Beetlebum (Single)
1997 Placebo - Nancy Boy (Single)
1997 The Young Gods - Heaven Deconstruction (Album)
1992 Revenge - Gun World Porn (Single)
1984 Echo & The Bunnymen - The Killing Moon (Single)
1983 Def Leppard - Pyromania (Album)
1978 Electric Light Orchestra - Mr. Blue Sky (Single)
1978 Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights (Single)
1978 XTC - White Music (Album)
1978 Magazine - Shot By Both Sides (Single)
1975 Bob Dylan - Blood On The Tracks (Album)


2018 Accept - Sportovní hala Euronics, Zlin, Czech Republic
1988 Depeche Mode - Sheffield City Hall, Sheffield, United Kingdom
1988 Hard Corps - Sheffield City Hall, Sheffield, United Kingdom
1979 The Damned - Eric's Club, Liverpool, United Kingdom


1966 Tracii Guns
1963 Richard Jonckheere {Richard 23, Richard JK}
1958 Adrian Sherwood
1952 Paul Stanley
1946 David Lynch
1929 Jean-Jacques Perrey (died 2016)


2015 Edgar Froese

Locations Closed

1991 The Limit


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